Super Smash Bros. Melee UW Edition


Super Smash Bros. Melee is considered a "beautiful accident" because of its speed, relative balance and depth of gameplay. However, because it was made pre-internet there haven't been patches, visual updates or any of the other benefits we see from popular games. This was an attempt to solve that for my UW Melee club.

Falco wearing UW colors

The most popular characters: Fox, Falco, Marth and Shiek got alternate costumes to support the dawgs

UW Fox

Marth with a UW sword gradient

Purple Shiek (Made by Iceballz)

Furthermore, the stage Pokémon Stadium was altered to have the UW Logo on the standard version and to be Husky Stadium if the hacked, no-transform version of the stage.

Standard Pokémon Stadium

No-Transform Pokémon Stadium

Finally, I included a setting so that Fox and Falco's lasers, traditionally red, are now purple. Like all the other mods this can be toggled

Purple Lasers

How to get it

You can download the replacement files here or go to UW Smash Club. Find their events on their Facebook page