Custom Hue Lights Setup

pairs well with cameras and action

Hue lights are an RGB lightbulb that can change colors and brightness to really anything in the color spectrum. For this project I took effort to customize their triggers to fit my needs

Same room, two different lighting scenes

Part I: Dash Buttons

These are small, wireless buttons that Amazon makes to make it easy for you to buy things. However I redirect these buttons so they turn all the lights on and off.

Amazon's Dash Button

This uses Scapy to sniff the network and anytime something makes a request with the MAC address of a button I turn the lights on if most are off or vis versa.

Part II: Weather Forecast

Every morning, when my alarm goes off, my lights will turn on and this will look up the weather in my area using WeatherUnderground and set the lights to represent the weather.

Weather Forecasting Table

It looks up the weather code against this excel spreadsheet that shows what color the lights will be

Part III: Scene Controller

This is a button pad that selects from eight scenes that have been preprogrammed for whatever activity seems “right” — so there is one for movies, yoga, reading, etc. Also its just fun to show off the system

Scene Changing Drum Pad

This gets imported as a MIDI device using Pygame and then it polls for button presses. After each button press it looks up the code in the same spreadsheet as the weather codes