Generative Art


Inspired by a blog post I decided to purchase a 1980's pen plotter and get into the world of generative art

my HP7550A pen plotter

After taking some online classes I set up an instagram to showcase my art: goodbad.png. This led to an invitation to an online community of generative artists to share work and methodology

After months of sharing work I was accepted to showcase my art at the local library with an exhibition for the public. This was unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19 but led to a digital exhibition on their instagram

Here is my artist's statement about the generative work:

good bad plotting is a showcase of generated geometric structures, which I disrupt to create snapshots reminiscent of the natural world. I guide their creation using repetition, symmetry, and reoccurring patterns. My work embraces exploration and discovery, often following unintended paths to get to the result. The code is written by myself primarily in JavaScript, and I then trace it to paper using a modified 1980's Hewlett-Packard pen plotter.

For more

Check out more work on my instagram where I post this work along with some photography.