Bouldering Tracker

Measuring the ability to go up

Deep in youtube I found a video that showcased some software that I was really impressed with

Naturally, after seeing that, I wanted to make one myself. A few weeks later I had this demo

This was improved over a few weekends and taken to the gym to try out


  • Kinect V2 Camera
  • Running on a 2018 Dell XPS Ultrabook
  • Standard lighting


  • Highlighting Holds:
  • This is where it highlights the holds, showing in the first few seconds of the video. It uses color and depth to determine if the hold is contiguous

  • Tracking People:
  • This is the wireframe overlayed on me. This is done by the Kinect with my overlaid graphical representation

  • Detecting Human -> Hold Collisions:
  • This is done by tracking the human hand and checking it against the distance (one threshold) and depth (another threshold). If each are met, the hold is marked as “reached” and the color is changed.